Friday, 10 January 2014


Yes new year and we're back!

before Christmas I thought about leaving my blog but after a break I thought nope I'm coming back and I will post more.

So what's been happening in my departure?
Well baby D has gotten very big he is now 4 and a half months and doing great!
We begun weaning him on Christmas day at the Health Visitors suggestion as the milk just wasn't satisfying him anymore. since he's been having his pureed fruit, pureed veg and rusk alternately he is much more content and sleeping 7 hours at night sometimes more.
He is such a smiler and a joy to have.

As for J,L &K they got spoilt at Christmas and are doing well at school.

Hubby is still working hard as usual and me....I'm just well me

so here's to 2014 and let it be a happy prosperous healthy year for all and lets get back to blogging.

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