Monday, 27 January 2014

A Birthday Muck Up!

Really Do I Just Give Up Now?

So Mr J is turning 9 on Friday.... Eeek 9 years old.

What a kerfuffle it's proving to be.
So it starts wit me realizing that as he as most things I haven't a clue what to get him, after a while I decide to do half clothes and half toys.
So the clothes part that was easy George at Asda do some nice bottoms and tops so 2 pairs of jeans 2 tracksuit bottoms 1 pair of chinos and 5 tops that half done great!

So comes the toys I sat for ages and went through a certain website and found some toys I know Mr J would love, A spy camera that actually works and can upload to PC via USB, Telescope,Wooden Labyrinth game to name a few Mr J would love them. 
Go to check out and unavailable for home delivery, check their 90 minute shuttle service...unavailable! Ok not a problem I'll click and collect them....Oh no not so, 6 out of the 8 items I want aren't available for click and collect. Well that scuppered that one then!

So toy fiasco aside I decide to order is cake for home and ingredients to make him one for school, I ordered him a Skylanders Swap Force cake knowing he'll love it, Only it wasn't Skylanders cake that arrived but instead a robot one, and they sent wrong icing for other cake, Ah well where there's a will there's a way right?!

So tomorrow I go raid the shops to find a suitable gift and in the week see what cake I come up with.

Wish me luck... I think it may be needed.

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