Friday, 10 January 2014

Sterimar Nasal Spray Review


So as I am part of BABYWORLD Review panel I was recently sent Sterimar Sea Water Nasal Spray to review.

I was pleasantly surprised by Sterimar Sea Water Nasal Spray.
ultimately I took on the review for my 4.5 month old son who tends to get quite congested.
I like that the nasal spray comes in a pressurized can meaning it stays more sterile.
I found the nozzle a good size for tiny nostrils and my son never cried or anything when I used it, all tough I must add that when I sprayed it he looked a little shocked I guess any baby would with having water sprayed up their nose but he wasn’t alarmed.
I found the nasal spray to work very well within a couple of minutes of spraying any congestion had cleared.
I tried the nasal spray on my 6,8, and almost 9 year old too once just to see if they had any input and they laughed said it tickled but didn’t hurt in any way so I am happy that it would be the same for baby.
Its great also that it is pure natural way of cleansing the nose with no harsh chemicals.
Sterimar Sea Water Nasal Spray can be found in most major pharmacy's like Boots, Lloyds ect and retails at £4.49 which I think is a fair price for the product
I will continue to use Sterimar Nasal Spray and will recommend to friends.

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