Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lavish Alice Style MY Way!

Lavish Alice have challenged bloggers to create their own wish list with the chance to WIN it!

Having had my baby almost 5 months back I'm far from a size 0 but I'm still a women and I LOVE CLOTHES!!!

So I thought I'd try my hand at styling my way to a win.

I simply couldn't chose just one so I chose two my first is my favorite I think  and is a casual day style but could be dressed up for an evening of drinks with friends or such.

This playlist consist of...

  • Navy Eye Print Tapered Leg Jumpsuit which retails at £46.00 and can be found HERE
  • White & Gold Detail Flat Strapped Sandals which retail at £14.00 so very affordable and can be found HERE
  • Ciara Clark Black Graphic Triangle Earring which retails at £25.00 and can be found HERE
  • And lastly the Blue Laser Cut Clutch Bag which retails at £26.00 and can be found HERE

 I particularly love that with little time in the mornings ....I mean who has lots of time with a 5 month old 6 year old 8 year old and 9 year old to get fed,dressed,changed,watered. play referee, search for book bags/pe kits.... you get the point?!
At least with this stunning outfit I could put it on, quick high pony or bun and hey presto from slummy mummy to yummy mummy. 
Whats not to love?

My second choice would be a nice dress/heels combo which I could imagine I'd wear for a family BBQ or such.
This choice consists of 

  • LA LUXE Black Velvet Long Sleeve Glitter Midi Dress which retails at a very reasonable £20.00 and can be found HERE
  • Black Suede White Rubber Sole Chunky Block Heel Ankle Boot which retail at £28.00 and can be found HERE
  • And again the Ciara Clark Black Graphic Triangle Earring as above.

I don't really wear dresses a lot but this dress would definitely get worn..LOTS I just love it and would be ecstatic to win it would definitely make my start to 2014!

So this is my choice what will be yours?
Why not try your luck like I just have and try win your style?


  1. Like your outfit choices. Especially the 1st one. Good luck

  2. Love your choices, hopefully the weather will be warm enough to wear the first on soon!! Good luck.

  3. Gorgeous outifts - I adore number 2. Good luck! :-)

  4. Thank you all fingers crossed for me and good luck for anyone who decides to take on the challenge

  5. Great choices - especially like the first one. Best of luck :)

  6. Good luck! It's always fun to do these things isn't it?

    1. it was fun yes. My first time trying this sort of comp but it was enjoyable

  7. Good luck! I like the look of the first outfit but am really NOT into all in ones however good they look when on!

  8. You clearly enjoyed putting these outfits together and great explanations! :)

  9. Some lovely ideas here. I am a dress fan so that would be the one I'd go for.

  10. Good luck - I like the earrings and the bag in the first choice! :)

  11. I am a little bit in love with that second outfit!

  12. I love the jump suit, very stylish. I also love the dress but don't think it would like me!

  13. I love the jump suit, very stylish. I also love the dress but don't think that it would like me!