Monday, 27 January 2014

A Birthday Muck Up!

Really Do I Just Give Up Now?

So Mr J is turning 9 on Friday.... Eeek 9 years old.

What a kerfuffle it's proving to be.
So it starts wit me realizing that as he as most things I haven't a clue what to get him, after a while I decide to do half clothes and half toys.
So the clothes part that was easy George at Asda do some nice bottoms and tops so 2 pairs of jeans 2 tracksuit bottoms 1 pair of chinos and 5 tops that half done great!

So comes the toys I sat for ages and went through a certain website and found some toys I know Mr J would love, A spy camera that actually works and can upload to PC via USB, Telescope,Wooden Labyrinth game to name a few Mr J would love them. 
Go to check out and unavailable for home delivery, check their 90 minute shuttle service...unavailable! Ok not a problem I'll click and collect them....Oh no not so, 6 out of the 8 items I want aren't available for click and collect. Well that scuppered that one then!

So toy fiasco aside I decide to order is cake for home and ingredients to make him one for school, I ordered him a Skylanders Swap Force cake knowing he'll love it, Only it wasn't Skylanders cake that arrived but instead a robot one, and they sent wrong icing for other cake, Ah well where there's a will there's a way right?!

So tomorrow I go raid the shops to find a suitable gift and in the week see what cake I come up with.

Wish me luck... I think it may be needed.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

how Inconsiderate!

Little frail old lady roughly late 80'5 - early 90's

I mean falling ill in the middle of a crowded Icelands store. Don't you realize I have shopping to do, Places to go, People to see.
I mean surely you'd be better off taking ill on the street alone! So now I will rush past you rolling my eyes, Tutting and generally being annoyed at my misfortune of taking 5 minutes longer!

NO! no of course I didn't say or do this but plenty did, And quite frankly it's annoyed me.
I mean what if it were their Nan there surely they'd help right?!

So I walk into Icelands and a little old lady approaches me ' Excuse me darling I really don't feel well I think I'm going to faint'
'Ok love stay with me I'll get you help' came my reply
So I held onto her whilst alerting a member of staff, Requesting a chair and some water which they supplied.

All the while this frail old lady kept saying to me 'Why are you doing this for me, Why are you being so kind to me' To which my reply came 'Because I want to you are unwell and I'm going to help you' Poor love couldn't thank me enough whilst at the same time she was confused, so confused as to why I would take time out of my day to help her.

Now maybe I'm from another planet and lets face it I could well be, But isn't it common courtesy and morals to stop and help? so my journey took 5 minutes longer but you know what?.... I got my shopping, got my lunch and got home in one piece no catastrophe happened.

It really upset me how inconsiderate others can be, But I know that in this lady's time of need, I stopped and helped so my conscience is clear.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Turning 9 & Not A Clue What To Buy!

Help!!! I'm stuck and don't know what to get!

So not so little Mr J is turning 9 next week!..... NINE YEARS OLD HOW?!
Of course to make things 'easier' for me, Wen I asked him what he'd like his reply came ..... 'I dunno surprise me!' 
Oh how that felt like a snippet of our future when he's a teen.

So yes I'm stuck. I mean what do you get a child has most things?!

Last year wasn't too bad as he'd learnt of Skylanders so e wanted Skylanders Giants which we got him, as well as a few other little bits and some clothes. we always buy them half clothes half toys for their birthday as they just get so much and they always need clothes.

His birthday we just cooked him his favorite tea of homemade Lasagna followed by cake which meany Daddy squished in is face... But oh how we laughed!

Then he wanted a sleepover, Eek our first ever sleepover I must be mad, So the Friday a couple days after his birthday we did that. 
We started the afternoon after school his best friend and my younger son Mr K's best friend who happens to be the boys younger sister came with their mum.
I ordered pizza followed by birthday cake and they had fun playing!

At 6pm my friend and her daughter went and Mr J's friend stayed so they got into their pj's and played some more, They loved playing soldiers with their inflatable swords they got in their party bags.

Then they played some sort of lions game....My this was LOUD!
They played some other games and ate cake.

Then by 8pm which was surprisingly early I thought they'd have me up late, They wanted to play in their room. As Mr J was now 8 and had his friend over the party was now over for little Miss L.. Well kind of!
I set the boys up a 'secret den' in their bedroom where they sat with books torches and DVD's.

Whilst the boys were in their hideout little Miss L and I 'pampered' each other with facemasks.

 And painted each others nails whilst watching her favorite movie at the time.. Hairspray!

So yes overall last year was a good one! This year I haven't got a clue... Which is were you guys come in,
So Mr J loves learning, Maths and puzzles, Reading, Gaming,TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doctor Who to name a few.
So given this if YOU had a child turning 9 what would you chose?
Comment and let me know?!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Small Victory

For Little Mr K!

For those of you that don't know we always felt something was different with lil mr K's left leg since he started walking just before 2 years. yes he was a bit delayed but so was my eldest son so thought nothing of it then, 
Until that is he started walking then it was apparent. But we didn't get a diagnosis until just before he was 3 year's old.
Little Mr K has Cerebral Palsy caused by Periventricular Leukomalacia a form of white matter brain injury sustained during pregnancy or birth.

Thankfully he has it mild enough to be able to do most things but he still needs treatments and therapies and help with some tasks, But he does things even if in his own way. He is a joy!

Anyway so last week we were at Physio with little man we saw a new therapist this time so she had all his medical notes with her, But ere's where it gets good....
All the targets mr K had been set for the previous year he not only met but some of them he has doubled...
Way to go little man Mummy is proud!

So anyway she is going to go into school and arrange a tougher set of exercises for him to do weekly with is TA and send myself a copy to do at home.
She was so impressed she said that his hard work in physio is really showing.

His balance is still off as is to be expected and he is still tight in his calf muscle and hamstring but they are thinking of doing another bout of serial casting where he has a plaster cast on for a week go's back has that off then another put on there and then and so on for a few weeks to give a continued stretch as it worked so well last time.
And there was no mention of the S word.....SURGERY which was something they've been thinking of doing so hopefully we can hold off...for a while at least!

We are at Neuro - Disability clinic on Wednesday the 22nd so will see what his doctor says then, But for now things are good.

Little mr K has always said his condition is his superpower and that his therapies are to charge his powers..... I tend to agree he is definitely my superhero!

We love comments here why not pop a little one below and send little mr K a virtual high five I know it'll make is day like he does mine!

Happy Silent Sunday!

Good Things Come In Small Packages!

This really isn't a long one but I was messing around with Windows movie maker yesterday and wanted to share my creation with you all!

It brings it all back but he is so amazing and I am blessed to be his Mummy.

I cant believe how fast 5 months has gone...well he'll be 5 months on the 23rd!
Time flies they really aren't babies for long :(

Did you make videos of your little ones?
I'd love to see!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lavish Alice Style MY Way!

Lavish Alice have challenged bloggers to create their own wish list with the chance to WIN it!

Having had my baby almost 5 months back I'm far from a size 0 but I'm still a women and I LOVE CLOTHES!!!

So I thought I'd try my hand at styling my way to a win.

I simply couldn't chose just one so I chose two my first is my favorite I think  and is a casual day style but could be dressed up for an evening of drinks with friends or such.

This playlist consist of...

  • Navy Eye Print Tapered Leg Jumpsuit which retails at £46.00 and can be found HERE
  • White & Gold Detail Flat Strapped Sandals which retail at £14.00 so very affordable and can be found HERE
  • Ciara Clark Black Graphic Triangle Earring which retails at £25.00 and can be found HERE
  • And lastly the Blue Laser Cut Clutch Bag which retails at £26.00 and can be found HERE

 I particularly love that with little time in the mornings ....I mean who has lots of time with a 5 month old 6 year old 8 year old and 9 year old to get fed,dressed,changed,watered. play referee, search for book bags/pe kits.... you get the point?!
At least with this stunning outfit I could put it on, quick high pony or bun and hey presto from slummy mummy to yummy mummy. 
Whats not to love?

My second choice would be a nice dress/heels combo which I could imagine I'd wear for a family BBQ or such.
This choice consists of 

  • LA LUXE Black Velvet Long Sleeve Glitter Midi Dress which retails at a very reasonable £20.00 and can be found HERE
  • Black Suede White Rubber Sole Chunky Block Heel Ankle Boot which retail at £28.00 and can be found HERE
  • And again the Ciara Clark Black Graphic Triangle Earring as above.

I don't really wear dresses a lot but this dress would definitely get worn..LOTS I just love it and would be ecstatic to win it would definitely make my start to 2014!

So this is my choice what will be yours?
Why not try your luck like I just have and try win your style?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Haberman Suckle Feeder Review

As I am part of the BABYWORLD Review panel I was asked to review the Haberman Suckle Feeder.

The Haberman Suckle Feeder is a great bottle.
This bottle is nice and big meaning it can be used for older babies/hungrier babies also. 
I like the coloured components of the bottle is the green filter.

At first my son struggled to actually get any milk out but I put that down to him being born premature so suckle maybe not as strong as other babies may be, that said after a few weeks of using it he now can.

I particularly like that my baby can determine his flow and as the teat stays full at any angle (nifty little button to fill/empty teat) means that baby can feed in any position great if like my little man your baby doesn't particularly like laying flat.

I found the bottle easy to assemble whilst holding baby although I might add that I feel if the filter was attached to the teat it’d be slightly easier, but then would come with hassle of making cleaning a little difficult.
Overall I really like this bottle and would be happy to reccomend to friends

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Daisy Roots For Tiny Toots!

I like to take part in competitions as much as the next person and was so excited to find just before Christmas that I was a lucky winner of a pair of Daisy Roots baby shoes Christmas design.

As it was little Mr D's first Christmas I imagined just how cute he'd look and I went to chose which I'd like completely free.
I was torn between the Christmas Pudding design.

Or the Reindeer design.

I really was torn but Hubby and I together decided on the Reindeer design.

The service from Daisy Roots was fantastic and I received the shoes I believe it was the next day.
I really must say they're even more stunning up close.

I couldn't wait to try them on little Mr D and he wore them leading up to and over Christmas and still wears them. I cant count the amount of people who have stopped me to ask where I got his adorable shoes to which I always recommend WWW.DAISYROOTS.COM 
I also tell them they can find Daisy Roots on Facebook HERE

While I'm here I thought I'd share a few of my favourite designs with you.



DISCLAIMER: I'd like to add I was in no way asked to do this post nor was I paid in anyway I simply won some gorgeous shoes for my little man and wanted to share with you all I hope you love them as much as I do.

Silent Sunday

No words just this pic!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Put Your Best Foot Forward!

And Skribbie On Down.

So I've not tried them but I recently came across a company called Skribbies and fell in love with them as did mr K mr J and miss L.

Skribbies are a fab idea of childrens footwear that they can design themselves.
Skribbies come in a cool design of hightop trainor so on trend in a choice of three colours Pink, Navy/Blue and Neon!
Skribbies cost £39.99 and you get trainors a pack of pens to scribble with, a wristband for when your all done you can just wipe clean and start again and a pack of cool stickers.

Easy just check out SKRIBBIES.COM and take a look for yourself. Skribbies can also be found at SKRIBBIES FACEBOOK 

I'd like to say I was no way asked to do this post nor is it a review just something I found great and wanted to share with other parents.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Sterimar Nasal Spray Review


So as I am part of BABYWORLD Review panel I was recently sent Sterimar Sea Water Nasal Spray to review.

I was pleasantly surprised by Sterimar Sea Water Nasal Spray.
ultimately I took on the review for my 4.5 month old son who tends to get quite congested.
I like that the nasal spray comes in a pressurized can meaning it stays more sterile.
I found the nozzle a good size for tiny nostrils and my son never cried or anything when I used it, all tough I must add that when I sprayed it he looked a little shocked I guess any baby would with having water sprayed up their nose but he wasn’t alarmed.
I found the nasal spray to work very well within a couple of minutes of spraying any congestion had cleared.
I tried the nasal spray on my 6,8, and almost 9 year old too once just to see if they had any input and they laughed said it tickled but didn’t hurt in any way so I am happy that it would be the same for baby.
Its great also that it is pure natural way of cleansing the nose with no harsh chemicals.
Sterimar Sea Water Nasal Spray can be found in most major pharmacy's like Boots, Lloyds ect and retails at £4.49 which I think is a fair price for the product
I will continue to use Sterimar Nasal Spray and will recommend to friends.


Yes new year and we're back!

before Christmas I thought about leaving my blog but after a break I thought nope I'm coming back and I will post more.

So what's been happening in my departure?
Well baby D has gotten very big he is now 4 and a half months and doing great!
We begun weaning him on Christmas day at the Health Visitors suggestion as the milk just wasn't satisfying him anymore. since he's been having his pureed fruit, pureed veg and rusk alternately he is much more content and sleeping 7 hours at night sometimes more.
He is such a smiler and a joy to have.

As for J,L &K they got spoilt at Christmas and are doing well at school.

Hubby is still working hard as usual and me....I'm just well me

so here's to 2014 and let it be a happy prosperous healthy year for all and lets get back to blogging.