Friday, 24 October 2014

Youlbury Activity Centre Residential Trip!

So lil miss L recently went on her first residential trip to a place called Youlbury Activity Centre.

She went from the Wednesday till the Friday and had such fun!

I was nervous about letting her go what with her Epilepsy, Hypermobility and weak muscle tone I wasn't sure how much she'd be able to take part in, But she wanted to go and so we let her.
The trip cost £100 for the 3 days that included the accommodation, food and activities.

She got stuck right in though taking part in orienteering, rock climbing, zip wire, making camp fires and toasting marshmallows.
She tried the leap of faith, climbing up the pole but was afraid to jump but she tried, she was too afraid to try the 3G swing despite that being the thing she was excited about the most, but I guess the reality was too much.

Her teachers said they'd never known a child so petite to eat so much with her having 2/3 helpings most sittings, Nothing new there all my children have great appetites! And each morning she woke up her first words to her teacher was 'Miss I didn't have a fit' bless her.
She enjoyed singing songs and came back with a real sense of pride at the things she achieved.

I cried as the coach pulled off and I cried when she got off the coach... in fact we both cried as we told each other how much we missed each other.

Overall £100 well spent I'd say.

Have your children been on a residential trip with their school? How did they like it?

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