Sunday, 5 October 2014

Residential School Trip To Hill End

My little pickle all grown up!

Last week our lil Mr K went on his first residential trip with the school!

He went from the Wednesday till the Friday to a place called Hill End.

It wasn't a decision we made lightly to allow him to go as we felt he was so young at 7, But that said after much discussion between my hubby and I and the school we felt we would let him go, As it'll build his independence and how much fun he'd have.
And it definitely wasn't an easy 3 days 2 nights, I cried as the coach pulled off, And I cried as I saw him step of the coach and I scooped him up for a hug.

But he really did have so much fun climbing hill's, climbing tree's, making camp fires and roasting marshmallows around it whilst singing song's, He was rather impressed that he got have toast, cereals and fry up all on the same morning as this is something we only tend to be able to do when on holidays as with 4 little's we just don't have the time!

He loved jumping in muddy puddles and really enjoyed himself.

He needed a good bath when he got home and he fell asleep at 4:30 but he really had fun so I'm glad we bit the bullet and let him go... next time is LIl Miss L goes on a residential soon.

So what age did or would you allow your little one to go on a residential trip with the school?

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