Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A lovely Autumn walk!

You know the drill it's cold drab and raining outside but you have to go run an errand!
You really don't want to go out in it with 4 children in tow but know you have to so what do you do?

That's it pull on your wellies and go splashing!

That's exactly what we done on Saturday, And I must say we had such fun seeing who could find the biggest puddles to splash in, We collected some conkers, we were even a little naughty kid's were jumping in one particular puddle wasn't till after I realised they'd 'decorated' a car parked nearby with pretty brown splashes!..... Whoops sorry!

Just hearing the kiddies giggling away without a care in the world was music to my ears, who cares if they got wet, we had towels and hot chocolate waiting for us at home, who cares if it took us double the amount of time to do the trip, we were making memories!

On the way home we took a different route cutting through the nature reserve we stopped to say hello to the ducks, but little man woke up and he was letting me know 'Mum it's bottle time' so we headed back.

When we got home we had a good giggle about the fun we had whilst drying off.

so next time it's raining out don't just sit indoors thinking what shall we do? Pull on your wellies and get splashing, see what fun you too can have.


  1. i love autumn walks, great fun with the kids

    1. yes so much fun to be had splashing in puddles, collecting conkers, seeing if we can spot any wildlife and mini beasts, then home for a nice hot chocolate.

  2. Love the Autumn, we collect pine cones and leaves to do art work with when we get home :)

    1. this is a great idea also, it's like a little adventure seeing what Autumnal things they can find