Monday, 6 October 2014

Little Mr D Starts Stay And Play.

So now my lil Mr D is cruising furniture and into everything I decided to start taking him stay & play!

Having not really been around many babies before he was a little dubious at first when I put him down and he just sat near the door, watching, sussing everyone out.

I let him have this time then before I knew it he was off exploring the toys.

He had a great sensory afternoon first eating the dough of the bread roll's they were making, next he thought he'd taste the paint whilst doing Daddy a picture. Thank god for toxic free and it couldn't have tasted that good... Right?!

Next he tried the shaving foam play table, He wasn't impressed with this at all. As for snack and singing/story time he refused to take part instead eating his snack of toast and grapes in his pushchair, then playing in the home corner at song time.
He was rather nervous kept coming to me for reassurance but I held back much as I could to let him get used to it, And by the next week he was.

We went the following week and made a beeline for the gluing table he made a lovely Autumn picture of a leaf which now has pride of place on our fridge.

He even sat at the table for snack time of Ritz biscuits with cheese and raisins!
He wasn't so willing at song time, That is until they began singing his favourite song of twinkle twinkle, then boy did he dart over big grin on his face. He even joined in with 5 little monkeys by holding the sheet and shaking it as a group. He really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately this week we've had to miss as he's been unwell with viral infection and ear infection but we will definitely be going back.

So what age did YOU begin taking your little one to stay and play or such like? Did they enjoy it off the hook or were they a little dubious to begin with?

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