Wednesday, 16 April 2014

It's all change soon!

We're Off!

Least we will be soon enough... roll on June I say.

We're moving out of London to a much better area much nicer to bring the children up in.
Hubby and I have been to view the house so last weekend we took the kiddies  and hubbies little sister to the area for the day.

We had a lovely day was gorgeous weather we enjoyed a nice walk around the town taking int he sights.. Very beautiful area.

Then we went to the local bowling entertainment complex, where they had bowling,amusements, sports bar, dance floor ect... Lil miss L said she felt like she was on holiday!

It was great fun here we spent a good few hours here and the kiddies loved the amusements, we had a few games of pool whilst Daddy watched the footy. and miss L had a boogie, The DJ even put on the disco lights for her.. she was the only one on the dance floor but did she care?! lil baby D even met his 1st character and loved it .... lets skip the part where he threw up right after all over the floor.. But it did miss doggy!

After all the fun we needed food and what better place than the on site Chinese Buffet yum yum!

We all got our bellies full all having 2 plates of food then dessert... Oh how our tummies hurt after but there was just so much yummy foods to chose from.

Despite the food being amazing we did find a little plastic in my sister in laws food. no biggie just a little shred so I told a member of staff just so they were aware and we continued our meal as the rest was gorgeous we just avoided the boiled rice!

When we left to pay the manager thanked us for not causing a scene and gave us 15% off our bill which was nice.

after the hour drive home we were all so tired so kiddies went to bed and we followed shortly after but we really had such a great day.

Even the little mr D had fun munching wotsits and milky buttons, He loved the lights and colors in the amusements but it was just too much fun!

We're all really looking forward to our move and a fresh new start... Not long now!

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