Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cowabunga Dudes!!

Bet you can't guess what we got up to yesterday!

What if I mentioned the names have links for famous Artists, they have a love for Pizza, And 'April'...
Yes I bet you do now!

Yesterday I took the 3 elder kiddies to the cinema and we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.
What's even better is the cost!... it cost us a big fat £0.0p

So I like competitions as much as the next person I wont lie.
I recently commented on a post on Fruit Bowl's Facebook page they replied saying I'd won some Vue cinema tickets, Lovely!

Hubby uses his Tesco clubcard and had accumilated £7.50p worth of points, so he went to Tesco and got some treats, And I loaded up my handbag. Lord knows with the price of tickets and sweets/popcorn drinks ect it can begin to get ridiculously expensive for a trip to the cinema, So bonus there.

We were planning on going to see Boxtrolls but when we got there we found that they were showing TMNT so we decided to watch that, And we're glad we did.
What a great film i think I may have gotten into it a bit more than the kiddies.

If you haven't yet seen it I really would recommend it!

when was the last time you went to the cinema and what did you see?

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