Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas Sorted With Worlds Apart!

With Christmas fast approaching if like myself you have children of different genders and ages it can be a bit difficult finding something to suit each child given they all have their own personalities and likes / dislikes! It can be difficult knowing where to look.

That's where WORLDS APART comes into play.
With their wide range of gifts suitable for various ages/genders/characters you really can find something to suit each child.

 I have range of ages/ genders from little man almost 15 months, lil Mr K 7 years, Miss L 9 years, and mr J almost 10 years and for a grand sum of approximately £87.97 I'd be able to get each of my 4 children a gift they'll each love all with their favourite characters. (I should hereby state that whilst this is the approximate price of this lot I was in fact sent these items free of charge in return for my opinion,however given knowing how much my children will like them I'd be more than happy to pay the price!)

So what did we get for such a broad age range?

Well let's start with my eldest Mr J,
Mr J is very much into Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles at the moment and Worlds Apart do a great range, We received the Turtles Raphael GoGlow Pal
This one retails at approximately £24.99 which is a fair price given that A it is Mr J's favourite character, B, It has detachable swords adding play value, and C it's  GoGlow meaning it's eyes glow up..How cool?!

For little Miss L she has a few favourites which are Hello Kitty, Disney Princess's and One Direction .... Niall to be precise! (All these characters are available from Worlds Apart)
So she has a One Direction Microphone Alarm Clock.
What girl does not want a microphone and one of her favourite band at that?!
the One Direction Microphone Alarm Clock retails at approximately £12.99
It's fluffy too which little MIss L loves fluffyness.

Next for little Mr K, He too is into TMNT so for him we got the Turtles junior Ready bed  which retails at approximately £29.99
I love that this is everything needed for sleepovers with it's inflatable base, built in pillow and cover it comes with a pump and a carry case so perfect to take along maybe to nanny and Grandads.

Lastly for little Mr D we got the Thomas The tank Engine Safe N Sound Lumiglow Wall Stickers.
these retail at approximately £20.00.
These are a collection of 50 Thomas & Friends vinyl wall stickers to create a fun Thomas scene.
I particularly like that these are sound activated meaning that as Mr D gets a bit bigger and understands more, He'll be able to activate them himself by clapping or such.
I just know he is going to love looking at his favourite characters at night and watching them glow i think this is great.

So there you have it for an approximate sum of £87.97 that's all 4 of my children with a gift they'll love.
I plan to leave these from Santa and I just know they'll love them.
I can't wait to see there faces and I shall blog about their response early in the new year.

Have your children wrote their Christmas lists yet? maybe they have asked for character specific things? 
Then do be sure to check out WORLDS APART and check out their fantastic range, I'm sure you will find some real delights, but be quick Santa will soon be here!
Get your Christmas sorted with Worlds Apart!


  1. What lovely gifts! I agree, I'd pay that for the toys too! My son would love the Thomas glowing wall stickers! x x

    1. They are aren't they, my kiddies are going to be made up, and to me that is what Christmas is about ... the KIddies!
      If your little man likes Thomas you may be interested in our review we recently done of the Thomas GoGlow from Worlds Apart unfortunately the giveaway is now closed but the review is still there and the GoGlow is available from Worlds Apart along with many other fantastic gift ideas.

  2. Looks great how you've sorted everything so easily - and so early!!

    1. I'll let you into a secret shall I.... This is all we have so far lol due to start shopping in next couple weeks, but definitely a load lifted knowing my kiddies have at least 1 great gift each so far.

  3. Worlds apart have some great items. Your kids will be very happy :-)

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