Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Our Big Move

Hello you lovely lot I'm back!

Been so so busy these past few months since we did go ahead with our big move.

We moved from London to Oxfordshire back in June and been overwhelmed with the work we've had to do.
Starting with ripping up the flooring in every room. quite why people want to live in urine,poop,vomit and chewing gum full carpet's I don't know but hey each to their own!
The wall's too were covered in drawing and chewing gum, blood splattered up the bathroom tiles.

The kitchen wow let's just say it took me a month of solid of scrubbing copious amounts of bleach and even my wallpaper steamer to lift the grime BUT we got there and it's now looking lovely and fresh with new flooring and decor.

Next came the garden wow the bush was almost back to our window and huge well the bush was more like tree's the size of the stumps so that took me forever to hack down but we got there.

As for the area I can't personally fault it we've had no issues everybody seems friendly enough and it's lovely to be out of London and breath cleaner air.

The school.. well hmm where shall we start lil Mr K has been getting picked on since day one and seems class teacher doesn't want to address it so I've gone to the head teacher and although some days are bad it seems to be getting better.

Overall our move has made us happier and we're glad we done so but it is very different to London that's for sure.

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