Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Sincere Apology!

I hereby apologize for being a crappy blogger!

6 weeks ago I decided to fall down my stairs and breaking my Coccyx.....Not fun and VERY painful!! Even now I'm still getting pain.
As if that wasn't enough a couple weeks back I was sat on the floor with the baby as I stood my baby toe bent back on itself went black and blue and is still swollen now. probably should have gone hospital but been so busy just didn't get round to it.

Never one to do things half hearted in our family and yes they say it comes in three's Thursday was spent 8 hours in A&E with little Mr D!

I am back now and will blog as much as I can so hello again and sorry x

1 comment:

  1. Strap your toe up to the other ones or it might set curved, that happened to me and shoes were incredibly painful until, somewhat fortunately, I broke it again 7 months later and this time strapped it to the other toes to keep it straight!
    I hope the little man is going to be okay xx